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This is the documentation of the release 2.1 of automaIT. The documentation of the latest stable release can be found at AUTOMAIT.

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The dashboard of automaIT provides an overview of components, plans, component instances, and hosts. It may be configured individually by replacing the default start page with a customized start page.



The dashboard consists of three columns which may be filled with widgets.

Each widget has an individual color and title. Its content is combined using the following elements:

  • Text
  • Text with an icon
  • Link to
    • Plan Details
    • Plan Execution
    • Component Details
    • Component Installation
  • Listing of
    • Components
    • Plans
    • Component Instances
    • Hosts
  • ...

Usage Tips

  1. The position of a widget can be changed using "drag and drop".
  2. The order of content within a widget can be changed using "drag and drop".
  3. Single content of a widget can be removed by dragging it outside the widget and confirming the deletion pop-up.
  4. The default start page can be restored by deleting the dashboard with all its widgets.


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