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This is the documentation of the release 2.1 of automaIT. The documentation of the latest stable release can be found at AUTOMAIT.

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The standalone server mode has been designed for demo and/or testing purposes and provides a simplified setup, as compared to the production setup.

Limited support and functionality

The standalone server mode is unsupported and must not be used for production use. It is only suitable for testing and evaluation purpose. Furthermore, it does not provide any automatic upgrade procedure, thus any newer release must not be used with a data directory of an existing installation.

Requirements and Setup

To start the automaIT standalone server a Java 7 runtime environment must be installed on the system, either accessible through the system's search path or via the JAVA_HOME environment variable.

The standalone server can be started using one of the provided startup scripts, for Unix and server-standalone.cmd for Windows.Both scripts are located in the top level directory of the automaIT release file (usually named

Unix-like Systems

Usage: [options]
-h, --help, /?                show this help message and exit
--data-dir=DIRECTORY          absolute path to data directory [default: <script directory>/data]
--config-file=FILE            absolute path to config file [default: <script directory>/]
--logback-config-file=FILE    absolute path to logback.xml [default: <script directory>/logback.xml]


Usage: server-standalone.cmd [options]
-h, --help, /?                show this help message and exit
--data-dir=DIRECTORY          absolute path to data directory [default: <script directory>\data]
--config-file=FILE            absolute path to config file [default: <script directory>\]
--logback-config-file=FILE    absolute path to logback.xml [default: <script directory>\logback.xml]

During the first start, it creates a data subdirectory relative to the script directory, which contains the database content and files imported into the server. This directory may be pruned, after stopping the server, for a clean state. The startup scripts also provide suitable options for specifying another location for the data directory, if needed.

The server prints a suitable log message to the console, if it has been started successfully.

> server-standalone
Executing: ...
Successfully started standalone server application.

Successfully started the application is available using a web browser at address http://localhost:8080.

The user admin (initial password: admin) may be used to access the server with full privileges.

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