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This is the documentation of the release 2.1 of automaIT. The documentation of the latest stable release can be found at AUTOMAIT.

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NovaTec Solutions GmbH provides professional support for the product automaIT.

The support may be reached via the following support channels:

Support ChannelContactNote
Ticketing Systemhttps://support.novatec-gmbh.deUser must be registered 
Telephone(+49) 711 22040 76009:00 am - 5:00 pm CEST

The preferred support channel is the ticketing system because required information is provided. Using the browser plug-in Bonfire eases the creation of support issues.


This documentation is created using the collaboration software Confluence from Atlassian.

Every major release has its own documentation which is separated using "Confluence spaces":

  • AUTOMAIT is always the documentation of the current version.
  • AUTOMAITDEV is always the documentation of the next version, i.e. it contains the documentation of the current development.
  • AUTOMAITnn (e.g. AUTOMAIT11) contains the documentation of the given release (e.g. Release 1.1)

The current space is shown in the bread crumb at the top of the page and is also part of the URL.

Ticketing System

The support team uses the ticketing system Jira from Atlassian.

Service Level Agreement

The following table shows how the priority of the ticketing system is mapped to the service level agreements defined by the service contract.

Ticket System PrioritySLA Priority








The support will give you a personalized user account to the ticketing system. Please don't pass the credentials. Further personalized accounts can be created if needed.

Activating Dashboard "Support"

The dashboard is your overview about open, resolved and closed issues. Additionally, new issues may be created.

After your first login you should configure your dashboard once:

  • Click on the drop-down "Dashboard" in the top left hand corner
  • Click "Manage Dashboards"
  • Click on "Popular"
  • Click on the star before "Support". It will turn yellow: (star)
  • Click on "Support"

This configuration must only be done once. It will be restored on your next login.

Workflow of Support Issues

The ticketing system uses the following workflow:

As a user you can

  • create support issues
  • accept or reject resolved support issues

The other transitions are invoked by the support team.

Creating a Support Issue

Manual creation

New support issues are created as following:

  • Click on "Create issue" in the top right hand corner.
  • Select the issue type "Support".
  • Fill out all required fields which are marked with a "*".
  • Fill out further optional fields if applicable.
  • Click on "Create".

The following table describes which fix strategy is applied to issues:


DescriptionFix Strategy
BlockerBlocks development and/or testing work, production could not run.Hotfix on all affected releases which are currently supported.
CriticalCrashes, loss of data, severe memory leak.Hotfix on all affected releases which are currently supported.
MajorMajor loss of function.Hotfix on all affected releases which are currently supported.
MinorMinor loss of function, or other problem where easy workaround is present.Fix with one of the next major/minor releases
TrivialCosmetic problem like misspelled words or misaligned textFix with one of the next major/minor releases


The ticket will now appear in the dashboard as open (a manual refresh might be required).

Browser plug-in Bonfire

The browser plug-in Bonfire (available for Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer, Safari) makes it easier to create new support issues:

  • Capture support issues directly from the automaIT web application
  • Use predefined templates (or even create your own)
  • Attach multiple screen shots and use an integrated editor to emphasize or blur regions of the screen shot

To install the plug-in see Get JIRA Capture Browser Extension.

The support issue will now be handled by the support and pass through the following states: "Accepted", "Planned", and "Resolved". You will be informed by E-Mail about the progress.

Accepting or rejecting a solution

If a ticket appears in the dashboard in the column "Resolved" then your request has been solved. Please check the solution and then either accept or reject it by selecting "Accept" or "Reject" in the details of the issue. A comment is required if you reject the solution. Closed issues will be continue to be readable for reference.

Reopening a once closed issue is not intended. If you later notice that you accepted the solution prematurely then please open a new support issue and refer to the existing issue in the comment.

Editing your profile

You may wish to edit your profile:

  • Configure e-mail notification setting for own creates and comments
  • Change e-mail type (HTML or plain text)
  • Change your e-mail adresse
  • Choose a new password
  • Add a picture of yourself

This can be done by clicking on your name in the top right hand corner and then clicking on the pencil next to "Preferences".

General Maintenance Terms and Conditions of Use

The following "General Maintenance Terms and Conditions of Use" apply for the automaIT provisioning system, including any accompanying media, printed materials and documentation:

English: NTSolutions_Allgemeine_Wartungsbedingungen_automaIT_en.pdf

German: NTSolutions_Allgemeine_Wartungsbedingungen_automaIT.pdf


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