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  • automaIT 1.2 Release Notes

This is the documentation of the release 2.2 of automaIT. The documentation of the latest stable release can be found at AUTOMAIT.

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The release 1.2 also contains all changes mentioned in the automaIT 1.1 Release Notes.

1.2.1 - 2013-dd-mm (not released yet)

Major Bugfixes

  • NP-899: failed to start on some environments with "bad substitution".
  • The agent failed to start on environments with more than 64 CPUs. 
  • NP-929: The listings of users, groups, and instances was sometimes missing seemingly random elements.

1.2.0 - 2013-01-23

This intermediate release contains small features and some bug fixes.

Manual Agent update required

With version 1.2.0 the agent is not upgradeable from a previous version. It must be updated manually. Note: the name of the Unix start script has changed from to

We apologise for the inconvenience.

New Features

  • NP-816: The name of the current user can now be accessed by the substitution ":[session:sys.user]", see Session Substitution.
  • NP-586: The boolean operator "isInstalled" checks for the existence of component instances using the nested component instance targeter, e.g. <isInstalled><installedComponent name="MyComponent" /></isInstalled>.
  • NP-672: The details dialog of the execNative step shows the execution host. This makes it easier to follow retargets. In existing jobs the host will be displayed as "migrated".
  • NP-252: Instance Locking is used to synchronize concurrent method executions on an instance. It is inherently built into all executions and ensures that a single instance may only be locked by one method at a time, thus serializing access to the instance.
  • NP-754: The parsing of plans and components is cached to increase performance of repeated method executions.
  • NP-303: Agents which are connected by SSH now support agent forwarding by using the locally installed ssh client. The configuration of server and agent is described in SSH Configuration.
    (warning) This now requires the installation of a ssh client on the server and all gateways, if ssh communication is in use. Various ssh properties have been removed because the native ssh client configuration is used.
  • NP-419: Plug-ins can be imported by CLI, see " plugin import --help".
  • NP-797: The CLI supports shell completion for the bash. The shell completion supports listing and completion of the available commands, sub commands, and special arguments, according to the known built-in completion functionality of the bash shell. Additionally, the completion of host, host types, plan names, component names, and variable sets is supported. The shell completion must be registered once per client, see CLI Manual.  
  • Hosts, host types, plans, components and variable sets can be listed by CLI, see host --help, host-type --help, plan --help, component --help , component-varset --help. 
  • NP-806: System services are only installed on hosts which are marked as "remote agent".
  • NP-670: Hosts are marked as "not initialized" whenever host initialization fails. 
  • NP-493: The xml source of plans and components is formated using syntax highlighting.
  • NP-805: An individual stack size is allocated automatically, if the functionality (e.g. job execution, regular expression matching, and schema validation) requires this, see properties job.threads.stack.size , regex.matching.stack.size and xsd.validation.stack.size. 
    (warning) The parameter -Xss512k of JAVA_OPTS should be removed, see StartUp Server Installation for the current recommendations.
  • (warning) The CLI configuration file has been moved from ~/.clirc to ~/.automait/clirc. The section "url" was renamed to "server-url". Apart from that the format is unchanged.

Major Bugfixes

  • NP-855: The values of the paginators in the UI were mistakenly shared across user sessions.
  • NP-848: The performance of listing, import and export of variable sets via CLI and UI is improved significantly.
  • NP-858: The result of an uninstall statement could not be assigned to a variable (instead a NullPointerException was reported).



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