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  • automaIT 2.3 Release Notes

This is the documentation of the latest development version of automaIT. The documentation of the latest stable release can be found at AUTOMAIT.

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2.3.0 - 2015-09-18

automaIT 2.3 is a superset of all previous automaIT releases: any feature or bugfix in previous versions 1.0.x through  2.2.x is also in 2.3, but 2.3 contains features and bugfixes not present in any earlier release.

This page describes only major changes. For a complete list of changes, filter by fix version 2.3 in the ticketing system.

The release 2.3 is fully upgradeable from previous versions of automaIT, but please consider the changes marked with a warning before upgrading: (warning).

New Features

  • NP-767: Added functionality to directly add users to a group in the group details view.
  • NP-924: Added XML trim element which will remove whitespaces from either the left, the right, or all sides of a variable's value.
  • NP-941: Added Database ID to details view of hosts, plans, components, plugins and jobs.
  • NP-1000: Improved web UI's print view by removing unneeded elements.
  • NP-1033: Changed behaviour of the instances button on Component Detail view. Now you can navigate to a list of all component instances or to a list of the instances of the selected component version. 
  • NP-1146: Variable Set tables may now be filtered for the variable set names, descriptions and variable values.
  • NP-1147: An open execNative dialog will be refreshed periodically during execution so that the user must not do this manually.
  • NP-1177: Added filters to and expanded component instances table. Added filters to job tables.
  • NP-1192: According to the checks of if-then-else branches, switch-case statements will now be checked during a simulation as well.
  • NP-1225: Required input fields are now marked as such with a red '*'.
  • NP-1229: Changed web UI layout so all breadcrumbs, table legends and command buttons will always be visible on top of screen.
  • NP-1235: Added unique icons for multiple job types. Job icons will now also be displayed in the most recent jobs overview in the header.
  • NP-1237: Step protocols are queued up and saved in bundled database transactions every few seconds. This fixes some performance issues when simulating or executing large plans with a lot of steps.
  • NP-1253: The substitution language supports the resolution of file name and file path of a deployed resource instance, i.e. :[resource:resourceName:sys.deployName] will be resolved to a string like "filename.war". See Substitution Language documentation for details.  
  • NP-1270: The substitution language supports the resolution of the gateway from an host, i.e. :[target:sys.gatewayName] will be resolved to a string like "example.gateway". See Substitution Language documentation for details.  
  • NP-1276: The main features of automaIT are now accessible by a (mostly) RESTful web interface.
  • NP-1288: The paginators in the variable sets, hosts, jobs and component instance tables as well as the host table filter will now memorize their last state.
  • NP-1291: Component Instance list now displays more details, like the selected variable set during installation, the installation date, and an identifier, specifying from where the instance has been installed, i.e. the fully qualified name of the plan or component which installed it.
  • NP-1292: Added legends to the File Repository and Server Properties panels in the Maintenance dialog.
  • NP-1298: A warning message will be shown if a variable set value starts or ends with a space character.
  • NP-1299: Variable sets may now be directly exported/copied/edited/deleted through dedicated icons. The Variable Set table will now also show a variable's default value if its value has been changed.
  • NP-1301: The job list will now show each job's target hosts in a new column.
  • NP-1304: Added a legend as well as a folder icon for each tree node to the tree view in the Plans and Components dialog.
  • NP-1309: All panels with a plus/minus icon for opening/closing have been replaced to simplifying the navigation. To open or close a panel the complete panel header can be clicked.
  • NP-1310: Checkboxes, and Delete Component/Plan buttons are now disabled when a plug-in folder is selected.
  • NP-1313: Fixed a bug where job parameter descriptions would be missing in the Job Replay dialog.
  • NP-1325: Added a proper space between a command and its arguments in the ExecNative Details view so that it may be easy selected and copied.
  • NP-1326: If a job changed its status browser notifications will now be sent if the automaIT tab is unfocused. This only applies to the 5 most recent jobs as already seen in the job widget at the top of the screen. It may also be necessary to explicitly permit the browser to send notifications.
  • NP-1342: Added runInSimulation XML attribute to allow execNatives to be fully executed on the target host during a simulation.
  • NP-1357: Built hierarchies of virtual hosts and component instances can now be displayed graphically to better understand the hierarchical dependencies.

  • NP-1358: All Buttons are now displayed with an icon to faster understand their purpose.
  • NP-405: Added the job list command to print recent jobs. They may be filtered by creation date.
  • NP-426: The CLI can now list component instances by command component-instance list. Returned instances may be filtered by component, host, or instance identifier. The command component-instance details will return all variables of a component instance.
  • NP-1079: The CLI will now show an error, if a given config section can not be found.
  • NP-1101: Fixed the output including an escape sequence in xterm terminal environments.
  • NP-1185: CLI calls, that create jobs, can now wait for the job to finish, if the --wait parameter is given.
  • NP-1273: Added the component-varset details command to print the content of variable sets by component.
  • NP-1322: The CLI command component-varset list now prints the names in addition to the IDs if the param --show-ids is given.

Major Changes

  • NP-1276: (warning) The HTTP server API has been redesigned. Details can be found here. CLI versions below 2.3 are not compatible to automaIT 2.3 and vice versa!
  • NP-1305: (warning) The CLI parameter to identify components by qualified name has been set to --qname for all commands. The parameter --component-qname for the component-varset command is now deprecated and will be removed in a future release.
  • NP-1343: (warning) If an undefined variable set is used during a simulated installation the default variable set will be used instead of aborting simulation.

Major Bugfixes

  • NP-834: Install, uninstall, and call step details now show the full qualified name of the component instance, even if the instance doesn't exist any more.
  • NP-967: Fixed an performance issue regarding the recent job widget.
  • NP-980: The paginator on groups dialog will be displayed correctly if adding more elements than the configured display size, and will be hidden correctly if less than the configured display size is in the database.
  • NP-1007: Error message for deleting used hosts now supports more information about preventing dependencies.
  • NP-1043: System component variables in substitution language could be used from extern with component prefix. See Substitution Language documentation for details.
  • NP-1187: Fixed NullPointerException when using the subsitution :[] in component variables.
  • NP-1203: Fixed crash of standalone server when trying to install a component.
  • NP-1311: Fixed ClassCastException occurred on deploying a resource on virtual hosts.
  • NP-1312: Fixed NullPointerException occurred on deploying a non existing resource. Now there will be shown a significant fault indication.
  • NP-1316: Stopped a single Variable Set from disappearing in the paginators of the Install Component and Execute Plandialogs.
  • NP-1317: Fixed a bug where a table's items would not be rendered.
  • NP-1318: Fixed NullPointerException occurred on filtering sub job histories with deleted hosts.
  • NP-1324: Fixed error when calling a returning control using the allDependants targeter. Now all return values will be concatenated and can be assigned to a variable.
  • NP-1328: Fixed an error that occurred when calling the constructor of the super component with non-assigned install variable. 

  • NP-1329: Fixed an issue where assignments of install variables inside the constructor call of a super component would fail.
  • NP-1333: Fixed a bug where a blank page was shown when viewing component instance details for an instance with component reference.
  • NP-1334: Fixed a bug in passing install variables to nested references.
  • NP-1335: Temporary files custom-extensions-*.xsd have been renamed and every automaIT instance will only create one temporary file.
  • NP-1340: Fixed plans and components not being linked in update job details.
  • NP-1347: Fixed ConstraintViolationException when trying to login with a deactivated external user.
  • NP-1348: Fixed ConstraintViolationException when trying to parallelly install a component on the same host.
  • NP-1354: Fixed imported plugin not being linked in import job details.
  • NP-1356: Fixed error when creating users on the standalone server.
  • NP-1359: Fixed Variable Not Found Exception which occurred in some constellations with inheritance and called controls.


Due to changes in the agent all existing hosts will be put into the state "uninitialized". The remote agent will be updated during the next host initialization via UI or CLI. See Automatic Agent Update for details.

User Authentication Configuration: It is possible to configure more than one authentication-providers in the external configuration file, to support multiple external authentication mechanisms. Note, that the order of the authentication-providers is relevant and will be checked in top down order. If the previous configured authentication-provider cannot be reached, no other checks against other external configuration-providers will be excuted.

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