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Deprecated Documentation

The WebTester documentation is deprecated. It contains only information relevant up to v0.9.9 / v1.0.0 of WebTester. For the current development visit our GitHub page or the Project Homepage.

Welcome to the NovaTec testIT documentation space!

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New and Noteworthy


Version 1.0.0 released. This is the first version based on the open source project on GitHub.

It is functionally identical with 0.9.9 but all deprecated API was removed and some cosmetic issues were fixed.

This version also marks the end of this documentation space. The documentation for the open source project can be found here.

2015-11-17WebTesterVersion 0.9.9 released. This is the last version before 1.0.0.Changelog
2015-10-05WebTesterVersion 0.9.8 released.Changelog
2015-09-14WebTesterVersion 0.9.7 released. Includes changes to the configuration of WebTester.Changelog
2015-09-04WebTesterHotfix released.Changelog
2015-08-14WebTesterVersion 0.9.6 released. Includes API changes and moved classes.Changelog
2015-08-14WebTesterGetting Started Tutorial publishedTutorial
2015-06-29WebTesterVersion 0.9.5 released. Includes bug fixes for Wait-API.Changelog
2015-06-22WebTesterBlog: "WebTester goes Open Source and other Changes"Blog
2015-06-20WebTesterVersion 0.9.4 released. Includes compatibility fix with Java 6 Runtime.Changelog
2015-06-11WebTesterVersion 0.9.3 released. Includes various fixes and additions.Changelog
2015-04-30WebTesterVersion 0.9.2 released. Includes new support modules and features.Changelog
2015-03-29WebTesterVersion 0.9.1 released. Includes new support module for JUnit.Changelog
2015-03-09WebTesterVersion 0.9.0 released. Includes overall changes to the API and divergence from legacy version 1.5.2Changelog
2014-10-12WebTesterBlog: "Migrating from Selenium to testIT WebTester"Blog
2014-08-22WebTsterBlog: "Testing PDF documents using Firefox and testIT WebTester"Blog
2014-08-08WebTesterBlog: "Testing Web-Applications using testIT WebTester"Blog



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