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SubstitutionDescriptionSample Output
sys.hostNameReturns the host name. 
sys.descriptionReturns the description of the host. 
sys.hostTypeReturns the host type. If the host type is plug-in owned, the name of the host type starts with the plug-in name
followed by a '#' and the name of the host type. Otherwise it is only the name of the host type.
sys.portNumberReturns the port number of the host.8080
sys.ipAddressReturns the ip address resp. dns name of the host.
sys.OSVersionReturns the os version of the host.3.2.0-25-generic
sys.OSArchReturns the os architecture of the host.i386
sys.OSNameReturns the name of the os of the host.Linux
sys.parentReturns the parent's host name. 

These substitutions can only be used in combination with the prefix target. By default the current host is used. See  Host Substitutions for details to the keyword "target" and how to address differing hosts.