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  • automaIT 2.3 Release Notes

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  • NP-1276: (warning) The http server api has been redesigned. Details can be found here. This does not affect the Graphical Web Interface or the Command Line Interface.
  • NP-1305: (warning) The CLI parameter to identify components by qualifiedname has been set to '–qname' for all commands. The parameter '--component-qname' for the 'component-varset' command has been deprecated and will be removed in a future release.

Major Bugfixes

  • NP-1328: Fixed an error that occurred when calling the constructor of the super component with non-assigned install variable.
  • NP-980: The paginator on groups dialog will be displayed correctly if adding more elements than the configured display size, and will be hidden correctly if less than the configured display size is in the database.
  • NP-1187: Fixed NullPointerException when using the subsitution :[] in component variables.
  • NP-1318: Fixed NullPointerException occured on filtering subJobHistorys with deleted hosts.
  • NP-1011: Host list filter is now case-insensitive .
  • NP-1311: Fixed ClassCastExeption occured on deploying a resource on virtual hosts.
  • NP-1312: Fixed NullPointerException occured on deploying a non existing resource. Now there will be shown a significant fault indication.

  • NP-1033: Changed behaviour of the instances button on component detail view. Now you can navigate to a list of all component instances or to a list of the instances of the selected component version.
  • NP-1043: System component variables in substitution language could be used from extern with component prefix. See Substitution Language documentation for details.
  • NP-1329: Fixed an issue where assignments of install variables inside the constructor call of a super component would fail.
  • NP-834: Install, uninstall, and call step details now show the full qualified name of the component instance, even if the instance doesn't exist any more.
  • NP-1333: Fixed a bug where a blank page was shown when viewing component instance details for an instance with component reference.
  • NP-1316: Stopped a single Variable Set from disappearing in the paginators of the Install Component and  Execute Plan dialogues.
  • NP-1317: Fixed a bug where a Table's items would not be rendered.
  • NP-1340: Fixed Plans and Components not being linked in Update Job details.