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Comment: Added plug-in deletion


DomainJob typeIsolation level
HostCreate host type(star) Partially concurrent
 Create host(star) Partially concurrent
 Update host(star) Partially concurrent
 Update and initialize host(red star) Serialized
 Create and initialize host(red star) Serialized
 Delete host(red star) Serialized
PlanUpdate plan(star) Partially concurrent
 Delete plan(red star) Serialized
 Execute plan(green star) Concurrent
ComponentUpdate component or abstract system service(star) Partially concurrent
 Update concrete system service(red star) Serialized
 Delete component(red star) Serialized
 Install component, execute component method, uninstall component instance(green star) Concurrent
Plug-inPlugImport plug-in Import (with non-abstract component or system service or host search or host set or host type)(red star) Serialized
 PlugImport plug-in Import (else...)(star) Partially concurrent
 Delete plug-in(red star) Serialized

The user cannot influence the isolation level of a given job. The job engine of automaIT takes care that a maximum of concurrency is achieved.

In practice, plan and component method executions are most common and consume the most time. Therefore the overall gain is higher than expected when just seeing the listing above.